TDL Gentek University

New to our customer offerings is the TDL Gentek University. In collaboration with our vendor partners we will be offering face to face, instructor-lead training throughout the year. Get certified on the latest technology from some of the most popular brands in tech!

Ubiquiti UWA & UBWA Certification Programs - Hamilton, ON

UWA - July 22-23, 2024

UBWA - July 24-25, 2024

Location- Branch HQ

286 Sandford Ave. N,

Suite 301

Hamilton, ON

L8L 6A1

We are pleased to offer the UWA & UBWA certification programs. Each course includes two days of in-class hands on training.

UWA -Unifi Wireless Administrator is a two day in-class training course focused on the most important concepts in Enterprise Wireless Networking, with special emphasis on best practices for designing/managing UniFi WLANs.

UBWA - Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Administrator course is a two day, in-class training course that teaches the most important concepts in Outdoor Wireless Networking, with special emphasis on how to design, build, manage, and troubleshoot WISP networks.

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RADWIN Academy Program

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates.

Enable your team to realize the full potential of RADWIN technologies through official RADWIN Academy Training at TDL Gentek.

This course will be delivered by experienced RADWIN engineers who combine relevant field experience with a rich background in training.

Uniview Certification Training

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates.

Join us for a comprehensive training program designed to enhance your understanding of Uniview IPC Products. This training will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of IPC installation and configuration.

Grandstream UC & GWN Certification

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates.

UC Series Certification - The training includes hands-on labs and exercises designed to help students become proficient at configuring and deploying our UC solutions surrounding the UCM series IPPBX.

GWN Series Certification -The training includes introduction to the GWN Series Initial Setup and Configuration Deployment Scenarios Configuring GWN Features and Functions Connecting to different management options.

TP-Link OCNA Certification

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates.

Join us to become an expert TP-Link Omada Network Administrator in their Omada line of products. TP-Link Engineers will administer the course on behalf of TDL Gentek.