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Transitioning from NEC to 3CX - The Future of Unified Communications


Live Webinar:

Thursday June 27th, 2024

11:00am EST


Costas Thoma, 3CX

Are you an NEC dealer looking for a robust, modern, and flexible communication platform as NEC exits the market? Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by TDL Gentek, a leading Canadian distributor, in collaboration with 3CX, the next-generation business communication solution.

Don't miss this opportunity to future-proof your business communications and expand your service offerings. Register now to secure your spot!

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Streamlining Your Network: Grandstream's Networking & Convergence Solutions

Live Webinar:

Thursday Sept 12th, 2024

11:00am EST


Chris Dow, Grandstream

Join us for an informative webinar where we will discuss key features and advantages of Grandstream's networking solutions. See how they can improve internet speeds, enhance network security, and provide a seamless user experience.

Whether you're a Grandstream user already or looking to try out their solutions, this webinar will offer valuable insights into the world of Grandstream's networking lineup!


Exploring the Antenna Space and Channel Master's Latest Innovations


Adam Long, Channel Master

Bradley Rosenplot, TDL Gentek

Join us for an exclusive webinar designed to help you navigate the world of antennas with confidence and ease. Whether you're new to antennas or looking to upgrade your setup, this webinar will provide valuable insights into the antenna space as a whole, ensuring you make informed choices.


Discover the Power of

TP-Link Aginet


Gaurav Dhall, Sales Executive B2B, TP-Link

Alejandro Diaz, Sales Engineer, TP-Link

Join us as we explore TP-Link's Aginet Solution, an integrated suite designed to optimize Wi-Fi management for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Aginet streamlines ISP operations by lowering business costs and offering remote troubleshooting for all Customer Premises Equipment (CEPs).

This comprehensive system includes TAUC, Aginet ACS, Aginet Config, and Aginet App, which together provide a robust platform to enhance service delivery and increase profitability.


Success with Ubiquiti Fiber


Jordan Goff, Product Manager - UISP Fiber, Ubiquiti

Rich Balzan, Category Manager, TDL Gentek

Join TDL Gentek and Jordan Goff from Ubiquiti for an exclusive webinar where we will discover the power of Ubiquiti's UISP Fiber. 

Designed for Fiber network enthusiasts and professionals alike, this session will explore the cutting-edge capabilities of UISP Fiber, offering insights into its advanced Fiber network management tools and features. 

Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Webinar:

Rainbow & SIP Phones


Paul Durham, SE Manager Communication, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

Join TDL Gentek and Alcatel Lucent Enterprise for an insightful webinar on revolutionizing workplace communication and collaboration with Rainbow, the cutting-edge communications cloud platform by Alcatel Lucent.

Discover how Rainbow's unified communications functionality, rich telephony services, and advanced mobility options empower teams to communicate effectively from any location, on any device.

Grandstream: Converging UC & GWN Networking Solutions

Presenter: Chris Dow, Grandstream

Join Grandstream and TDL Gentek on February 22nd as we discuss how to converge Grandstream's Unified Communications and Networking solutions.

We will be covering Grandstream's best-selling networking and VoIP products and how to integrate these products to build a reliable full solution. We will be giving an overview of these products along with ideal deployment scenarios.

Presenter: Mike Teskey, Uniview

Join TDL Gentek and Uniview for an informative webinar introducing Uniview and their lineup of high-performing video surveillance solutions.

As we explore such topics as NDAA and why it is important in the CCTV industry, our Quick Selection guide, and UNV's family of products, you will see why Uniview is a great choice.


A Look at Industry Trends and Changes for AP Vendors and Customers


Jeremy Austin, Preseem

Vardin Amiri, Tarana Wireless

Joe Cosentino, TDL Gentek

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we break down the key findings from Preseem's annual industry report, offering a comprehensive look at the trends shaping the telecommunications landscape.

In a special bonus segment, we are thrilled to host Tarana Wireless, who will join us to discuss their substantial growth in CPE and share insights into the contributing factors and trends driving this expansion in the North American market.

Presenter: Tommy Lee, Fanvil

Join us for a collaborative webinar between TDL Gentek and Fanvil, where we will introduce Fanvil's latest and upcoming products such as:

  • Business IP phone V63 and big button IP phone X305
  • LINKVIL portable Wi-Fi IP phone W610W and RoIP gateway W712
  • Healthcare intercoms Y501W(Y) and audio intercom A10W
  • New console IP phone A320i/A320
  • Indoor stations i50x series
  • Multi-tenant colour screen video door phones i66/67
  • Video conferencing kit CA400

TP-Link Enterprise Networking Introduction: Omada Software Defined Networking

In this webinar, we will introduce you to TP-Link’s innovative enterprise networking solutions, focusing on the Omada Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform. The Omada SDN platform is a game-changer in the world of enterprise networking, offering seamless integration of network devices, including access points, switches, and gateways, all managed from a centralized cloud platform.

Whether you’re a network administrator looking to upgrade your enterprise network, a business owner seeking a reliable and scalable networking solution, or simply interested in the latest advancements in enterprise networking, this webinar is for you. Join us as we delve into the world of enterprise networking with TP-Link’s Omada SDN.

Wireless Solutions For Every Business Environment

Step into the dynamic world of business transformation!

Communication is the pulse that keeps organizations thriving, and in our webinar, you'll discover how Snom is revolutionizing connectivity with their exceptional desk sets, conference phones, and headsets, which are the backbone of productivity and seamless communication. We will dive into their Mobility DECT Solutions: the M500 and M900. The M500, a powerhouse DECT base station, brings unrivalled mobility and efficiency to SMEs, while the M900, a multi-cell DECT mobility solution, unlocks extraordinary performance and agility across expansive spaces. 

Unveiling Yealink's New IP Desk Phones

In this informative webinar hosted by TDL Gentek in collaboration with Yealink, customers will have the opportunity to explore the latest advancements in IP desk phone technology.


The session will introduce four newly launched phones from Yealink (T31W, T34W, T44U, T44W).


As the world's No. 1 SIP Phone manufacturer, Yealink continues to bring innovative products to enhance productivity and communication for all businesses. 

Leveraging RADWIN's Solutions for Scaling Wireless Network Expansions

Join us for an exclusive joint webinar with TDL Gentek and RADWIN, where we dive into the exciting realm of carrier-class wireless solutions and their pivotal role in scaling your wireless network as it evolves.


In this webinar, we will explore the common challenges that WISPs encounter as their networks grow. From increased bandwidth demands to expanding coverage areas, we'll address the obstacles that can hinder your network's progression. These challenges often include interference, limited spectrum, and the need for reliable and robust connectivity.

Webinar: The Ideal Small-to-Medium Business Solution

Join Chris Dow as he covers Grandstream's best-selling networking and VoIP products for small-to-medium-sized businesses and learn how to integrate these products to build a reliable, full solution.

There will be an overview of these products along with ideal deployment scenarios.

Webinar: Why ALE? Affordable, High-quality SIP Phones

Introducing long-time, global communications vendor Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise! Our recently announced partnership empowers our resellers with more options to deliver unified communications and telephony.

TDL Gentek resellers can now offer affordable, high-quality audio SIP phones, along with a wide range of enterprise communication devices, including headsets for unified communications.

Join this webinar and learn how you can offer customers across Canada world-class solutions delivering outstanding connectivity, quality, increased productivity and cost effectiveness!

Customizing IP Phones in the Hospitality Industry

Customizing IP Phones in the Hospitality Industry with the Grandstream GHP Series
Join us on June 15th at 11am EST for an informative session with Chris Dow from Grandstream and our partner TDL Gentek as we delve into the exciting world of Grandstream's GHP Series of Hotel Phones. We will explore the diverse portfolio options available for these cutting-edge IP Phones and discuss ideal deployment scenarios for maximum efficiency.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn more about Grandstream's GHP Series of Hotel Phones and hear about the successful Wi-Fi deployment at Tripalink's Los Angeles Residence Hall. Join us on June 15th at 11am EST for an engaging discussion.

Top 10 Reasons Your Customers Buy 3CX


In this dynamic session, we'll delve into the top 10 reasons why businesses and your customers worldwide are embracing 3CX as their go-to communication solution. Discover how 3CX revolutionizes the way teams collaborate and connect, enabling seamless communication in the current work-from-home scenarios.
Learn why your customers are turning to 3CX for their communications needs.

Uniview & Innovations in Video Surveillance Technology

Surveillance technology has rapidly advanced, and with it, the role of security professionals has evolved. The impact of these technologies on security professionals has been profound Join us for an engaging webinar with Unview to learn valuable insights about how UNV innovations can help achieve your security goals.

Algo’s New Products & Teams Native Integration

Join us and Scott Farrell, Algo’s Strategic Accounts Manager, for a live webinar to explore Algo’s latest releases, including product introduction to IP Visual Display Speakers and recently announced native integration with Microsoft Teams SIP Gateway.

Its Tower Season!

6 things to Consider When Selecting a Tower for your Installation

It's tower season and here at TDL Gentek we've spent 40 years providing products to our installation clients. Join us as we discuss 6 key considerations when you are purchasing towers and mounting equipment.

Integrating Fanvil and your IP-based Security & Facilities Management Systems

When it comes to security and facilities management installations, IP (Internet Protocol) equipment has become increasingly popular due to its advanced features and capabilities. IP-based security systems utilize digital technology to transmit video, audio, and data over an IP network, such as Ethernet or the Internet. Join us as we discuss how Fanvil fits into your IP-based security and facilities management implementation.