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DDoS Protection

Corero protects your business 24-7, with precision, dedication, and a human touch.

They're there to answer questions and provide support when you need it beyond their automated solutions.

When you want to focus on your business instead of responding to relentless alerts, they are the ones you call.

Corero believes when you protect businesses, you’re protecting people. When people feel safe, that’s when businesses succeed. And that’s why Corero is laser-focused on delivering high-performance DDoS protection.

Why Corero?

Corero is a leader in network security dedicated to protecting you from DDoS attacks.

Why? Because when your network goes down it puts your customers and people at risk.

Their DDoS experts are behind the scenes watching over your network so nothing is interrupted – giving you peace of mind and your customers a great experience.

DDoS Protection isn't the only thing we do, it ALL we do.

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  • Key finding of DDoS attacks
  • The Key Dangers of Carpet Bomb Attacks
  • 2023 and Beyond: Additional Threats
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Corero Solutions


DDoS Attacks Blocked Without the Need for Network Appliances

Corero’s Edge mitigation solutions work faster and with less impact than cloud services.

  • Out-of-band software-only solution
  • Accurate detection with packet sample inspection
  • Routing-based traffic blocking or filtering at the edge
  • Low latency when compared to cloud services
  • Accurate edge filtering of packets at line-rate with Juniper router integration
  • Optional on-demand scrubbing for surgical protection


Simple to Deploy DDoS Solution with Maximum Effect

When downtime is not an option, Corero’s comprehensive DDoS  protection has you covered.

  • Inspects every packet, both header and payload
  • Filters packets at line-rate, for surgical accuracy
  • Always-on and sub-second, means no downtime
  • Ultra-low latency compared to cloud solutions


DDoS Protection Into a New Revenue Stream

Deliver unparalleled peace of mind and increase your revenue with Corero  DDoS  Protection-as-a-Service. This solution not only integrates seamlessly but also simplifies identifying upsell opportunities among unsubscribed customers, effortlessly expanding your services and elevating your business.

  • Turn security into a competitive advantage, enhancing client protection and your profitability.
  • Uncover new revenue streams by identifying unprotected customers and showcasing security gaps.
  • Visualize DDoS protection impact through clear, concise executive reports and charts.

SecureWatch Managed Services

Boost your defense against advanced DDoS attacks with their security services, designed to integrate seamlessly with your SmartWall ONE solution for enhanced protection.

DDoS Fully Managed Service:

Imagine having an expert team dedicated to managing your DDoS protection around the clock. This service does just that, offering peace of mind with a fixed yearly subscription.

Attack Time Service:

Need expert assistance on the fly? This on-demand service lets you tap into our SecureWatch Security team for SmartWall ONE-related actions, ensuring you’re never left in the lurch.

DDoS Intelligence Service:

Think of this as your AI co-pilot, proactively feeding SmartWall ONE with the latest defenses, and stopping new threats before they hit.

IP Intelligence Service:

Boost SmartWall ONE’s defense with precise Geo & ASN insights and country-specific traffic control, all updated live for superior network protection and integration.

Advance Hardware Replacement Service:

Minimize downtime with rapid replacement of faulty units, ensuring your defenses remain strong without interruption.

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DDoS protection isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Choosing the right solution depends on your industry, threat profile, needs, and objectives.

Corero is there to help you make the right decision.